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ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS; Sunday, October 25th at 12pm-4pm – Tempe, AZ

 There will be even more events to be announced for October 2015, so stay tuned!

2nd Friday & Sunnyslope October 2015 Shows!

Also, on October 9th & 10th 2015,  Dirty Teacup Designs will be attending two Halloween-themed art shows: 2nd Friday Night Out in Mesa Friday, the 9th from 6-10pm & Sunnyslope Art Walk in Phoenix on Saturday from 5-10pm! Head on out and come see me!


Dirty Teacup is the idea of two seemingly unrelated entities fusing together. Something delicate, feminine and presumably beautiful blended seamlessly with the macabre, ominous or peculiar.

All illustrations created by Meghan O’Connell of Dirty Teacup Designs.

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First Friday October 2015

With the lovely fall season approaching, Dirty Teacup Designs will be returning to First Friday October 2015 at Revolver Records!

I’ve had ever so much fun creating my newest Fashion Villains; Frederika Krueger, Helen Raiser & Talky Tina! Frederika is one of my all-time most requested villains ever, hands down. Ask & you shall receive! Personally, I think Helen Raiser is technically my best villain I’ve created. I went back to my true background in Fashion Design for her. I’m really proud of how she turned out. I will have limited amounts of 11×14″ versions of Frederika & Helen for those who have requested some larger Villains, but don’t worry – If you’re a collector of all the 8×10″ Fashion Villain prints, I will have those ladies in that size as well!

For those with a taste for something not of the Halloween variety, I will also be debuting prints of “Painting the Roses Red” & “Toasty” (the 2nd installment of the “Ladies Who Brunch” collection).

Dirty Teacup Designs will be on the corner of 2nd st & Roosevelt in Downtown Phoenix outside Revolver Records from 6pm-10pm on October 2nd, Hope to see you guys & ghouls there!

<3 Meghan

New Prints for October 2015
From Left to Right: Frederika Kreuger, Talky Tina, Helen Raiser, Toasty, Painting the Roses Red
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Finally, after a short summer break, Dirty Teacup Designs will be exhibiting at Saboten Con 2015 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown this Friday, September 4th-7th!

Dirty Teacup at Saboten Con 2015

So stop by and visit booth A61 for all of my latest original artwork, including my new tiny sketch cards! In addition, I’ll also have art prints, framed goodies & more! For more information about Saboten Con, keep an eye out on their event page on Facebook.

<3 Meghan

Dirty Teacup is the idea of two seemingly unrelated entities fusing together. Something delicate, feminine and presumably beautiful blended seamlessly with the macabre, ominous or peculiar.

All illustrations created by Meghan O’Connell of Dirty Teacup Designs.

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SWEETEASALEA little summertime sale for you! Just enter the coupon code “SWEETEA” at checkout for 25% off your purchase of $10 or more on anything in the Dirty Teacup shop or the Etsy shop! Hurry, hurry… sale ends this Friday the 21st!


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Ever growing army of tiny art…

Happy Hour by Dirty Teacup DesignsLately, I have been becoming quite obsessed with drawing on the tiniest paper I can find. The past few weeks I’ve shown humble progress shots to fully-rendered minuscule pieces of Dirty Teacup art through that pesky-but-necessary form of social media called facebook. These mini sketch cards measure only 2.5″ x 3.5″ & even though the thought of drawing on something so small once seemed rather daunting/cramp inducing, I’ve grown more fond of them every time an idea pops into my head to draw! I thought I’d share some better quality versions of them for all of you who follow my blog…

Each one is signed by me & named on the back, speaking of the back – there it is! These little one-of-a-kind illustrations are for sale currently only through my Etsy shop! Are there any itty bitty sketches you would like to see me draw?

Unslightly Ink by Dirty Teacup Designs

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Toasty by Dirty Teacup DesignsToasty!

This decadent dame is the 2nd installment in the “Ladies Who Brunch” collection! I’m sure she’ll give Lady Marmalade some good company…


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Amazing Vegas Flyer

Next week is one of my favorite shows of the year: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! I’ll be at table L7 with all of my newest pieces with me & more. Mention this post to get a free 11×17 print of Heather S. Thompson at the show when you spend $15!

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Tidbits & after thoughts for Phoenix Comicon 2015

PCC 2015 SetupPhoenix Comicon 2015 has vanished as quickly as it crept up on all the creators, vendors & attendees who were a part of it… As always it was a crazy, exhausting, fun-filled experience… & I have to say, I had the most wonderful time! Despite all the dramatics that occurred while loading in. (Ahem, 4 hour wait to gain entry to the load-in dock – I’m looking at you!) The small turmoil passed & the excitement inside grew as I began laying out my fresh-off-the-presses new prints…

How Dirty girls get into conventions

I debuted a personal record number of new pieces for the con. SIX, to be exact. Elebouffant – a piece based on the myth that elephants embody hidden strengths. A morning inspiration turned into the birth of a brand new collection (The Ladies Who Brunch collection) – Lady Marmalade.  A variant of my Jane Voorhees Fashion Villain (soon I will have variants of all my Villains/Valors/Victims, so keep your eyes open!). My newest Fashion Villains, Jessica Doom & a fun commission turned into something I really adored- Mary Zombbins.

And last, but certainly not least, my lovely Viviana! She is the newest femme fatale of my Domestic Bliss collection. For inquiring minds, that collection dabbles in tales of forced happiness through separation, a dark & quirky take on the “can’t live with him can’t live without him” predicament, if you will. Viviana’s story is unlike all of the other ladies of the collection so far, as it is loosely based on reality. A long time ago, at a previous job of mine, some police came in inquiring about a customer; Who they claimed had apparently murdered & dismembered her husband, putting him into tupperware, before going on a shopping spree with his cards!   It’s a story that has really stuck with me for a long time. Needless to say, I always wanted to create a piece semi-depicting it, but in a less macabre  & more darkly humored way (well, as least macabre someone stuffing a body in tupperware could be!) So I present Viviana, with her eye-ball loving feline, Cleo!

Viviana's Domestic Bliss by Dirty Teacup Designs

New artwork aside, I just want to close out letting everyone know how grateful & humbled I am by all of my “regulars” & friends who came to Phoenix Comicon to support me & my art – the thing that keeps me going. I can’t express how much you all mean to me. I hope to see all of you again soon!

<3 Meghan, the Dirty Teacup girl.


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New Dirty Teacup Designs print for Phoenix Comicon!

Quite a lot going on this coming month… such an exciting & frenetic time. I’ve been a busy little bee working on an enormous amount of new pieces that will be debuting this month at Phoenix Comicon May 28th-31st! I will be at tables 14126 & 14128.

Dirty Teacup Designs will also be at these events this month, if you can’t make it out to Phoenix Comicon, starting with an entire jam packed weekend filled with live concerts, free comics & weird art:

MAY 1-3 2015 EVENTS

FIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records – MAY 1st 2015, 6pm-10pm (Phoenix, AZ)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ Pop Culture Paradise -MAY 2nd 2015, 10-4pm (Tempe, AZ)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ Pop Culture Paradise -MAY 3rd 2015, 10-4pm (Phoenix, AZ)

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT – May 8th 2015, 6pm-10pm (Mesa, AZ)

PHOENIX COMICON – May 28th-31st (Phoenix, AZ)

Phoenix Comicon has an excellent map on their website to make it easier to find all the different artists, exhibitors, guests & all the fun debaucheries happening at the show. Just click on the various spaces to find who you’re looking for. For example, when you hover over table 14126 & 14128 you can see my bio:

PCC 2015 MAP

Keep checking here & on the official Dirty Teacup Designs Facebook for updates on new artwork!

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