First Friday, Free Comic Book Day, and Star Wars Day!

This past weekend was gloriously jam-packed with events. Despite the frenetic nature of all the affairs being scattered around Arizona. Certainly goes without saying it was all so rewarding, as a girl just trying to spread her art to the masses.

Arnold was exhausted by the end of it all. As some of you may or may not know – Arnold is my teacup lounging dapper skeleton that follows me to every event I wander to – The Dirty Teacup Designs mascot, if you will.

It all began with First Friday, outside of Revolver Records. I debuted my newest Fashion Villain greeting card, Mommie Dearest – Just in time for Mother’s Day! I believe I succeeded in depicting Joan Crawford’s abusive antics in and even more glamorous way than she did herself.

Next up was Free Comic Book Day at Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe. The store was full of energy & happily packed like sardines full of people ready to dive into their free comic books! I got to sell with some of my favorite local artists & met quite a few fans of my Fashion Villain cards, which really made me smile. PCP is gracious enough to allow me to display all of my murderesses in their shop!

And finally was Pop Culture Paradise’s “May the Fourth Be With You” event at their Phoenix location. Perfect way to close out the weekend. I revealed my newest Limited Edition print, “AT-ATEABAG” – Because really, what’s an AT-AT to do when it gets tangled up by a snow speeder? Be used as a teabag of course! Other features include a polite tea-drinking Wampa & a random giant teacup in Hoth.

All in all, I had a splendid time. I so appreciate being a part of all these local happenings. Thanks ever so much to those who I got to meet for the first time and those that participated. This will also be one of the last times I will have my setup the way it is currently. New display elements abound!

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