May 2016 Art Shows & New Art Prints!

May 2016 Events

FIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records in Downtown Phoenix – May 6th; 6pm-11:30pm

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT – May 13th, 6pm-10pm (Mesa, AZ)

Downtown Chandler Art Walk – May 20th from 6pm-10pm (Chandler, AZ)

& more to be announced!

As the Arizona weather is begins its morph into weather of the face-melting variety; I’ve been a busy bee creating some new pieces for my last Arizona art shows for the summer!

Among the new art prints are: “See Right Through You” Most all of my art is based off emotions I’m going through or currently overcoming – and this one is no exception. We often come across people in life we turn a blind eye to; Either for the sake of keeping our idea of them or yourself up to certain ideals, or from their ability to cleverly conceal their intentions. Then there’s the moment of clarity that blooms, letting you see them for who they truly are. Exhilarating. Disappointing. Beautiful.

“Bottle Envy” which is inspired by the sticky, sweet scent of Viktor&Rolf’s Bon Bon & it’s gloriously unique candy-shaped bottle. A little closer to my Fashion Design roots.

“Drown Your Sorrows” A down-on-her-luck broad taking a load off in a delicious glass of whiskey.

“An Affectionate Facehugger” Because hugs come in all shapes & sizes.

With the sudden and saddening loss of one of the most influential & favorite artists of mine (and countless others) I created a Prince inspired surreal version of “Purple Rain” to show my respects to this tremendous loss to music, art, fashion & so much more.

These will all debut at all my May art shows. Each of them are 8×10″ – with the exception of “Facehugger” which is 8×8″. I hope to see some of you for my last outdoor shows of the summer. If not, I’ll see you at Phoenix Comic Con is next month with even more new art!

<3 Meghan
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