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Bdellophobia \ˌdel-ō-ˈˈfō-bē-ə\: fear of leeches.

Bloodletting; loss of blood can all relate to the fear of losing ones self. The vulnerability of leaving yourself open for people to take pieces of what makes you, your own person.

Bdellophobia is the 3rd in a series of phobia based illustrations by Dirty Teacup Designs. To see the other installments, “Entomophobia” look here and “Parasitophobia” look here.

Bdellophobia is available as:
– 11″x17″ Art Print
– 11″x17″ Art Print in a black frame
– 5″x7″ Art Print
– 5″x7″ Art Print with your choice of black or white shadow box frame
Please make your selection at checkout.

Illustration is printed on your choice of either 11″x17″ or 5″x7″ high quality 12 pt. glossy cardstock paper.

Artwork will be shipped in clear, re-sealable plastic bag on top of a sheet of foamboard for protection against damage and sealed in a bubble envelope. A USPS Tracking number is provided in the shipping cost.

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11×17 Art Print, 5×7 Art Print, 11×17 Framed Art Print, 5×7 Framed Art Print (Black), 5×7 Framed Art Print (White)


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