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2 11×14″ OR 11×11″ PRINTS FOR $40!

Please bear with me & read through these instructions🖤

  • You MUST list out the prints you would like in the Order Notes section at CHECKOUT. Please include the name & number. Here’s a little example:
  • If you would like to order multiple batches of 2 for $40, just select the quantity of sets you would like and list out the prints you’d like.
  • I have numbered all of my prints based on their size: You can mix and match all sizes – 11×14 or 11×11. Just scroll through the photos I have listed.
  • If you have any questions, or if there’s a print that’s not on here that you’re interested in, I may have one in stock so please get a hold of me on Instagram, so I can help🖤
  • With all that out of the way – Here are your print choices!

11×14 Art Prints

  • 1. Dead Ends
  • 2. Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots
  • 3. Murder In the Rouge Morgue
  • 4. Fleshed Out
  • 5. Sustenance
  • 6. Hocus Pocus
  • 7. Roxanne
  • 8. Butterfly Kisses
  • 9. Bottle It Up
  • 10. Skelebouffant
  • 11. Rebel Princess
  • 12. Adjust Your Perspective
  • 13. Spooky Unmentionables – Batty
  • 14. Feline Fringe
  • 15. Helen Raiser
  • 16. No Disintegrations!
  • 17. Rumors
  • 18. Reveal
  • 19. Take Me Away
  • 20. To Wong Foo
  • 21. Summertime Scurvy
  • 22. Spiders From Mars
  • 23. Webby
  • 24. What Holds You Back?
  • 25. Toxic Love
  • 26. Super Bouffant
  • 27. Comb The Demons From Your Hair
  • 28. Phantom of the Opera
  • 29. Fate is a Recycled Line
  • 30. Bubbly
  • 31. Mortal Kouture
  • 32. Apparitions En Pointe
  • 33. Lady Marmalade
  • 34. White Rabbit
  • 35. Hell Here 10×16″ or 11×17″ (let me know which you’d prefer)

11×11 Art Prints

  • 1. When They Pile Up, Put Em To Work!
  • 2. The Fashion Villains
  • 3. Arsenic On The Rocks
  • 4. The Most Corrosive Monsters are Humanoid
  • 5. Full Moon Manicure
  • 6. Vampiress Mileena

Whew! Still with me? Thank you so much for your support! I thought bringing the deals I give at shows online might be a fun thing to do to keep my in-person art shows alive in some way, I’ve met so many of you through them🖤

If you would like your goodies signed, please let me know when you make your purchase, and I will sign the back.

Please keep in mind that the Image may vary slightly in color based on your browser settings.

Artwork will be shipped in a clear bag on top of a sheet of foamboard for protection against damage and sealed in a bubble envelope.

All my dames ship for FREE using USPS First Class Mail which includes a tracking number that I will send out to you once they are on their way!

All Artwork ©Dirty Teacup Designs
Instagram: instagram.com/dirtyteacupdesigns
Facebook: facebook.com/dirtyteacupdesigns

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