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Bad luck & a vivid imagination…

Apt Pupils by Dirty Teacup Designs

Bird Nest Bouffant by Dirty Teacup Designs

My two most recent pieces. The first, “Apt Pupils”, a tale of Lea, a girl who has lost her vision. In longing for what she’s lost, she sees everything as elaborate, exaggerated caricatures of what they truly are.

“Bird Nest Bouffant” is based on the myth that the appearance of a bird nest close to where you reside will bring you good luck and prosperity. By stuffing nests into the tresses of her hair, Bridget hopes for this effect to no avail. These peculiar, undead birds hatching from the eggs nestled inside her voluminous hair bring about nothing but bad luck.

Prints will debut at Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend (Feb. 13th-15th) & will arrive in the shop later this month.

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The Bouffants Series

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