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November Art Shows & Instagram!

FIRST FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2015; NEW INSTAGRAMFIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records in Downtown Phoenix – November 6th 2015; 6pm-11:30pm

Finally, for those of you with an Instagram account, you can now follow Dirty Teacup Designs on there!  I’ll be using that for quick sketches, oddball photos with my art & toy collection mingling & general artist ramblings. Make  sure to check it out!

So take a peek & follow me on Instagram: Dirty Teacup Designs

Dirty Teacup is the idea of two seemingly unrelated entities fusing together. Something delicate, feminine and presumably beautiful blended seamlessly with the macabre, ominous or peculiar.

All illustrations created by Meghan O’Connell of Dirty Teacup Designs.


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