Well, well, well… The day has come where all my artwork can now live in online merriment together on an official Dirty Teacup Designs webpage! For all those curious about “What in fact IS Dirty Teacup?” I shall remedy that! Dirty Teacup is the idea of two seemingly unrelated entities fusing together. Something delicate, feminine and presumably beautiful blended seamlessly with theĀ  macabre, ominous or peculiar.

I am so thrilled this idea I had tucked away for years of creating a brand based off the dichotomy of all things beautiful & equally strange has grown so much in such a short time. I was in such a huge creative and personal rut last year and instead of letting it get the best out of me, I decided to bring this “Dirty Teacup” idea to life.

There is so much more yet to come that I cannot reveal just yet, but in the meantime, poke around and take it all in! Welcome to Dirty Teacup Designs (.com!)

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