About the Artist

Meghan O’Connell, the artist behind Dirty Teacup Designs, is an Arizona based artist who creates surreal, peculiar female-centric fashion illustrations that celebrate mischief and beauty. Her work stems from her deepest emotions, guilty pleasures, dark humor – with a strong focus on mental health and female empowerment.

Her love of depicting the intricate details of fabric, design & sassy ladies started when she was young. However, it blossomed after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, and a strong focus on fashion illustration. Though her heart will always be in Fashion Design – she fell in love with the concepts behind illustrating her designs, producing mood boards based on emotions, exploring the dichotomies in human nature & bringing them to life on paper.   Creating stories within a single page, Meghan combines dark and light, ominous scenarios and their consequences – with a dash of pop-culture references for good measure!

To get a closer look into everything Meghan is currently working on, shows she will be exhibiting at and more, find her on: INSTAGRAM , FACEBOOK & TIKTOK.

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