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For those in dire need to find strange gifts for the special oddballs in their life – LOOK NO FURTHER! Dirty Teacup Designs has you covered, so make your way to one of these shows this Holiday season!

FIRST FRIDAY November 2nd outside of Revolver Records on 2nd st & Roosevelt from 6pm-11pm in Phoenix, AZ

I’ll be vending at the 6TH STREET MARKET in Tempe EACH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH! November 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th from 10am-3pm on 6th St. Park in Tempe, AZ (on Mill Ave. between 5th & 6th)

FIRST FRIDAY December 7th outside of Revolver Records on 2nd st & Roosevelt from 6pm-11pm in Phoenix, AZ

6TH STREET MARKET in Tempe (Every Sunday of December except the 2nd!) December 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th from 10am-3pm on 6th St. Park in Tempe, AZ (on Mill Ave. between 5th & 6th)

Some of you may notice the absence of 2nd Fridays in Mesa – To be honest, that show is only worth it when I have you wonderful people show up… And if not, it’s kind of a bust. So let me know on Facebook or Instagram if you’d like me to return for November or December… And I just may!

Happy Holidays! If I don’t see you – Eat some stuffing & watch Batman Returns for me. Thanks to each and every one of you who have come to see me at any of my shows through the years, I can’t tell you how much your support means to me <3

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Come see all the latest Dirty Teacup Designs art at the shows below!

FIRST FRIDAY April 6th outside of Revolver Records on 2nd st & Roosevelt from 6pm-11pm in Phoenix, AZ

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT April 13th from 6pm-10pm on Main st. between MacDonald & Robson in Mesa, AZ

DOWNTOWN CHANDLER ARTWALK Friday, April 20th from 6pm-9:30pm in Chandler, AZ outside Murphy’s Law Pub on San Marcos between Boston & Buffalo st.

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New Year – New Art! I’ll be attending all of my regular art shows this month, so be sure to find me at all my normal haunts to fill up your walls! Be sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook (@dirtyteacupdesigns) to see new prints I’ll be debuting throughout the month<3

FIRST FRIDAY February 2nd outside of Revolver Records on 2nd st & Roosevelt from 6pm-11pm in Phoenix, AZ

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT February 9th from 6pm-10pm on Main st. between MacDonald & Robson in Mesa, AZ

DOWNTOWN CHANDLER ARTWALK Friday, February 16th from 6pm-9:30pm in Chandler, AZ outside Murphy’s Law Pub on San Marcos between Boston & Buffalo st.

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FIRST FRIDAY April 7th outside of Revolver Records on 2nd st & Roosevelt from 6pm-11pm in Phoenix, AZ

BURLESCAPADES April 8th for their WildCard Burlesque Volume 2 show at Joe’s Grotto from 7pm-12am in Phoenix, AZ

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT April 14th from 6pm-10pm on Main st. between MacDonald & Robson in Mesa, AZ

AZ Renegade Rollergirls Bring the Heat Tournament April 29th at the Broadway Recreation Center from 5-8pm in Mesa, AZ

The best way to get yours hands on all of Dirty Teacup Designs art work is through these local art shows! If you can’t make it – Everything is available through my SHOP & Etsy) Be sure to follow Dirty Teacup Designs on Instagram & Facebook to see new art, the latest updates on shows & more!

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May 2016 Art Shows & New Art Prints!

May 2016 Events

FIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records in Downtown Phoenix – May 6th; 6pm-11:30pm

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT – May 13th, 6pm-10pm (Mesa, AZ)

Downtown Chandler Art Walk – May 20th from 6pm-10pm (Chandler, AZ)

& more to be announced!

As the Arizona weather is begins its morph into weather of the face-melting variety; I’ve been a busy bee creating some new pieces for my last Arizona art shows for the summer!

Among the new art prints are: “See Right Through You” Most all of my art is based off emotions I’m going through or currently overcoming – and this one is no exception. We often come across people in life we turn a blind eye to; Either for the sake of keeping our idea of them or yourself up to certain ideals, or from their ability to cleverly conceal their intentions. Then there’s the moment of clarity that blooms, letting you see them for who they truly are. Exhilarating. Disappointing. Beautiful.

“Bottle Envy” which is inspired by the sticky, sweet scent of Viktor&Rolf’s Bon Bon & it’s gloriously unique candy-shaped bottle. A little closer to my Fashion Design roots.

“Drown Your Sorrows” A down-on-her-luck broad taking a load off in a delicious glass of whiskey.

“An Affectionate Facehugger” Because hugs come in all shapes & sizes.

With the sudden and saddening loss of one of the most influential & favorite artists of mine (and countless others) I created a Prince inspired surreal version of “Purple Rain” to show my respects to this tremendous loss to music, art, fashion & so much more.

These will all debut at all my May art shows. Each of them are 8×10″ – with the exception of “Facehugger” which is 8×8″. I hope to see some of you for my last outdoor shows of the summer. If not, I’ll see you at Phoenix Comic Con is next month with even more new art!

<3 Meghan
Instagram & Facebook

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FIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records in Downtown Phoenix – April 1st; 6pm-11:30pm

April 2016 Fashion Villains by Dirty Teacup Designs
(From the top left: Penny Weiss, Frederika Krueger, Jane Voorhees, Barbara Sawyer, Patricia Bateman, Dr. Harriet West, Ashlee Williams, Michelle Myers, Helen Raiser)

A smorgasbord of my Fashion Villains – and this is only a few of them! What started as just one fashion illustration of “Michelle” Myers I sketched for fun while watching Halloween II in 2013 turned into a whole collection of all my favorite horror villains/characters as classy dames. I’m happy so many of you love these as much as I do, as they are one of the first real collections I created. You can see all of them in my shop!

Next month I’ll be preparing for Phoenix Comicon, I can’t believe it’s that time ALREADY! I have lots of new pieces planned for the show, most everything I’ll be debuting are characters/concepts you guys have requested at art shows to show my appreciation for your support<3 Phoenix Comicon AnnouncementThe Dirty Teacup Designs booth will be in Artist Alley table AA703 June 2nd-5th! Hope to see some you there!

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Dirty Teacup Designs at First Friday in DecemberDirty Teacup Designs will be at 1st Friday in Downtown Phoenix, outside Revolver Records on December 4th, 2015 from 6pm-10pm!

I’ll have 4 lovely new prints including: Arsenic on the Rocks, Queen of Thorns, Chop Til you Drop & Stuffing.  Fill your void with weird art for the holidays! I’ll also be  at these shows this month:

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT December 11th, 2015 in Mesa, AZ (Between McDonald & Robson) from 6pm-10pm

DOWNTOWN CHANDLER ART WALK December 18th, 2015 in Chandler, AZ from 6pm-10pm

Oh Look. New Prints.
From Left to Right; Top to Bottom: Arsenic on the Rocks, Queen of Thorns, Chop Til You Drop, and Stuffing

If you want to keep up with all my latest artwork as well as some artist ramblings & adventures, follow Dirty Teacup Designs directly on my new Instagram & Facebook!

<3 Meghan

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November Art Shows & Instagram!

FIRST FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2015; NEW INSTAGRAMFIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records in Downtown Phoenix – November 6th 2015; 6pm-11:30pm

Finally, for those of you with an Instagram account, you can now follow Dirty Teacup Designs on there!  I’ll be using that for quick sketches, oddball photos with my art & toy collection mingling & general artist ramblings. Make  sure to check it out!

So take a peek & follow me on Instagram: Dirty Teacup Designs

Dirty Teacup is the idea of two seemingly unrelated entities fusing together. Something delicate, feminine and presumably beautiful blended seamlessly with the macabre, ominous or peculiar.

All illustrations created by Meghan O’Connell of Dirty Teacup Designs.


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First Friday October 2015

With the lovely fall season approaching, Dirty Teacup Designs will be returning to First Friday October 2015 at Revolver Records!

I’ve had ever so much fun creating my newest Fashion Villains; Frederika Krueger, Helen Raiser & Talky Tina! Frederika is one of my all-time most requested villains ever, hands down. Ask & you shall receive! Personally, I think Helen Raiser is technically my best villain I’ve created. I went back to my true background in Fashion Design for her. I’m really proud of how she turned out. I will have limited amounts of 11×14″ versions of Frederika & Helen for those who have requested some larger Villains, but don’t worry – If you’re a collector of all the 8×10″ Fashion Villain prints, I will have those ladies in that size as well!

For those with a taste for something not of the Halloween variety, I will also be debuting prints of “Painting the Roses Red” & “Toasty” (the 2nd installment of the “Ladies Who Brunch” collection).

Dirty Teacup Designs will be on the corner of 2nd st & Roosevelt in Downtown Phoenix outside Revolver Records from 6pm-10pm on October 2nd, Hope to see you guys & ghouls there!

<3 Meghan

New Prints for October 2015
From Left to Right: Frederika Kreuger, Talky Tina, Helen Raiser, Toasty, Painting the Roses Red
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New Dirty Teacup Designs print for Phoenix Comicon!

Quite a lot going on this coming month… such an exciting & frenetic time. I’ve been a busy little bee working on an enormous amount of new pieces that will be debuting this month at Phoenix Comicon May 28th-31st! I will be at tables 14126 & 14128.

Dirty Teacup Designs will also be at these events this month, if you can’t make it out to Phoenix Comicon, starting with an entire jam packed weekend filled with live concerts, free comics & weird art:

MAY 1-3 2015 EVENTS

FIRST FRIDAY @ Revolver Records – MAY 1st 2015, 6pm-10pm (Phoenix, AZ)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ Pop Culture Paradise -MAY 2nd 2015, 10-4pm (Tempe, AZ)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ Pop Culture Paradise -MAY 3rd 2015, 10-4pm (Phoenix, AZ)

2ND FRIDAY NIGHT OUT – May 8th 2015, 6pm-10pm (Mesa, AZ)

PHOENIX COMICON – May 28th-31st (Phoenix, AZ)

Phoenix Comicon has an excellent map on their website to make it easier to find all the different artists, exhibitors, guests & all the fun debaucheries happening at the show. Just click on the various spaces to find who you’re looking for. For example, when you hover over table 14126 & 14128 you can see my bio:

PCC 2015 MAP

Keep checking here & on the official Dirty Teacup Designs Facebook for updates on new artwork!

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